The property of the Library is formed by nearly 10.000 volumes mainly dedicated to the art and the archaeology of the Near, Middle and Far East, as well as by texts about history, religion and culture of the different Asian regions.
The property also includes current periodical publications, a small but interesting collection of rare volumes and the collection of the Archaeological Survey of India, very hard to find in Italy.
The section of the catalogues about Asian art and archaeology exhibitions and about specialized museums is very important too. Some remarkable donations made by private citizens and cultural institutes, such as IsIAO and Japan Foundation, have increased the documents about art and culture in the Far East and about Italian archaeological excavations in Asia.

The Library of the National Museum of Oriental Art mainly offers a support to the scientific activities of its own staff but it is open to public consultation, particularly to university students.
The request for external fruition is steadily increasing, so the Museum is planning a long-term project to improve the traceableness and the completeness of the bibliographical information and it is creating a general catalogue on database including also periodicals and miscellanea.

Entrance: Via Merulana 247, 5° floor
Opening time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.00 a.m. - 1.30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday 9.00 a.m. - 4,30 p.m.

It is necessary, for the loan, to have a guaranty by a professor or a similar institutional figure accredited to the Museum.
It is also possible to make a limited number of photocopies, at the discretion of the librarian and in the protection of copyright and text reproducibility laws.